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“Working Remotely”  (WFH)

With the remarkable increase of people who are working remotely at present, we are curating articles and resources on this topic.    For those who find that remote working “works” for them, long-term working-from-home may become an appealing option.  Learn more here:

If you need support in the transition to working from home, contact us.


  • No commuting
  • Manage your own work environment
  • Enjoy your own company!


  • Be clear about employer expectations for work goals.  See Harvard Business Review’s relevant article.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Communicate with your employer and/or clients regularly.  This keeps you – and them – “in the loop” on everything from the status of projects to networking and industry news.
  • Create a routine.  Have a set work area at home and have a schedule.
  • “But I’m an extrovert.”  See plans to overcome social isolation, below.
  • Don’t experience social isolation:
    • Work occasionally at coffee shops (as feasible).  In some communities, there are coffee shops where “working remotely” individuals congregate – networking and socializing opportunities!  Remote workers go to coffee shops with varying degrees of frequency – from daily to once-in-awhile.
    • Engage in your employer’s virtual meetings
    • Participate in online meetings offered in your network (Zoom, etc.)
    • Attend professional networking events (industry associations, etc.)
    • Connect more actively with social networking platforms
    • Use your telephone.  Engage with personal social occasions to keep in touch with family and friends
    • Get out to local parks and libraries (“my lunch hour”)