Market Research & Competitive Intelligence, Jigsaw Puzzles

jigsaw puzzle

A businesses’ information needs are like a jigsaw puzzle.

Businesses need quality information that impact all aspects of strategic planning and operations.

Finding and managing such information can be time consuming and confusing.  It can be like working with an unfinished jigsaw puzzle – often without all the pieces.

At Burkhardt & Co., our market research and competitive intelligence services “find and put together the available jigsaw pieces,” thereby making information accessible, relevant, useful, and actionable.

If you need market research or competitive intelligence services, contact us at Burkhardt & Co.

Clear view of the flow of market information

Whatcom Falls

There’s no shortage of information flowing these days.   Getting clear view of information that matters….. well, matters.   This is particularly critical in uncertain times when market conditions are murky and unclear.   Working with a good market research consultant (like me!) provides that clear view – just as this pedestrian bridge provides a clear view of Whatcom Falls Park (Bellingham, Washington).