Remote Work Chatroom

“Remote Work Chatroom”

Host: market research firm Burkhardt & Co.

COVID-19 remarkably increased in the number of people who are working remotely – with some of that increase likely to be permanent.  

Some people find that remote working “works” for them and are joining the ranks of those for who find working-from-home to be an appealing option. 

Yet, the networking opportunities and “workplace chatter” of the office are both useful and lacking at home. 

Therefore, Burkhardt & Co.’s folks who are long-experienced at remote networking, are offering – and inviting remote workers to – an open Remote Work Chatroom.

In this Remote Work Chatroom, you can:

  • Have a coffee break or lunch break
  • Hear the “word on the street” – trends, gossip, etc.
  • Learn how other remote workers network
  • Break up quiet stretches at your home office

Drop in (i.e., “Zoom in”) “as you please.” Remote Work Chatroom is currently open “as we please” (hours to evolve). Zoom in via the link on the right of this page.

For more resources on remote work, visit Burkhardt & Co.’s curated page on remote work.