Beyond business preparedness: pandemics, natural disasters, etc.


As a market research and competitive intelligence consultant, I spend my time working with clients to strategize business planning and competitive market positioning from a business perspective – typically by collecting and analyzing market data (competitors, customers, etc.).

In addition to working with market data, everyone is currently reminded of the need for business to prepare for and respond to pandemics, natural disasters, social disruption, and other non-market interruptions to one’s business.

The idea of business strategizing ahead about pandemics, natural disasters, etc “came home” for me several years ago.  We did a market research project for a client whose business involved dealing with natural disasters.  In the course of this project, my consulting firm used the U.S. Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) database to compile a state-by-state list of every declared natural disaster for each year going back several decades – thus generating charts about the frequency and types of natural disasters that happen state-by-state.

I encourage you to think now about your business and how to anticipate non-business disruptions that could impact your routine.  Basic disaster preparedness information (having an emergency kit, having a communication plan for employees and family during an emergency, etc) is already readily available for both businesses and families.  Beyond that basic preparedness, Burkhardt & Co. is available to help your firm strategize more deeply about – and anticipate – business disruption.


Kim Burkhardt is a market research consultant at Burkhardt & Co.

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