Today’s “Remote Working” Tip: Communication

birds of a feather, Lake Washington

When I spotted these birds at Lake Washington in Seattle, they were practicing “social distancing” (they were each two to three feet apart) – yet they were also able to communicate with one another.

When you find yourself working remotely, establish regular workplace communication mechanisms and routines (phone, email systems, online meetings, etc.).  This has a number of benefits:

  • Communicating with your boss allows you to clarify expectations.  When is X project due?  How do you want ‘abc’ to be done?  What’s happening with clients A, B, and C?
  • Communication helps “keep projects flowing.”  Keep up on “who’s doing what” on projects and “how and what is getting done when.”
  • Checking in with co-workers and people in other departments “keeps you in the loop” about what’s happening within the company.  Watercooler networking matters.
  • Regular communication helps reduce social isolation.

Also, keep communication flowing outside of work to help reduce social isolation.  Visit with friends and family, go for walks to see neighbors, etc.

During this time when increasing numbers of people are unexpectedly “working remotely,” we at the market research firm Burkhardt & Co. are sharing our experience with #workingremotely here.


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