New Year, Market Research, Be Competitive


Does your new years’ resolution involve understanding more about a particular aspect of your firm’s market environment?  Understanding your market context is critical for positioning your firm for competitive advantage.

Quality market research matters.  It is critical for improving your marketing strategy.  Burkhardt & Co. can deliver insight into:

  1. Competitive environment.   Identify the marketing position – and planned direction – of your brand competitors, product competitors, generic competitors, and “total budget” competitors.
  2. Industry dynamics.  How much do you know about the forces impacting your industry?
  3. Market size.  How much do you know about the size and composition of your industry?
  4. Industry trends.  What’s happening in your industry that will affect your ability to compete in the next three years, five years, ten years?
  5. Market and environmental forces.   Economic, political, legal, regulatory, technological, and cultural forces impact industry.  How will emerging trends within these forces will impact your business over the next several years?

Burkhardt & Co.  delivers market research insight into these environmental factors so you can enhance a successful and competitive market strategy.  Contact us for more information.

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