My clients today: small business development and self-agency

I’ve spent much of my working life on topics that relate – one way or another – to advancing self-agency for organizations and individuals:

  • Owning my own consulting firm to advance my own career
  • Working with businesses to be more agile in relation to competitors (competitive intelligence)
  • Founding a national network for nonprofits that deliver prison programs (thereby supporting incarcerated individuals to move in a positive direction)
  • Writing a series of career articles about self-agency
  • Co-writing the biography of my Irish great-great grandmother to provide more public insight into the historical lives of every day people
  • Teaching business classes at the graduate level to support students looking to advance their careers
  • Etc.

In hindsight, I have becoming known as the go-to person when people need a career change and want to take charge of their own employment – agents of their own future success.  Therefore, I’m now spending time advancing people’s self-agency via career changes toward self-employment.

People make the move to self-employment for various reasons:

  • A person’s employer downsizes, leaving them unemployed
  • People become disillusioned with working for an employer
  • Personal circumstances make it difficult to work at a corporate job
  • Someone comes up with a business idea they want to launch on their own
  • They want the gratification of creating a business
  • “I’m an introvert,” or “I don’t play well with bosses.”

Is self-employment an option that might work for you?  If you might be ready to become an agent of your own success, contact me.