Shout-Out for Those Researching, Writing About Great-Grandmothers

As I co-write the biography of my Irish great-great grandmother, Harriet Susannah Ellis, I’ve been connecting with people who are researching and/or writing about their great grandmothers.  I give them a shout-out here:

  • Casey McNerthney: I met fellow Seattleite Casey McNErthney yesterday at an Irish Week luncheon at Seattle’s FX McRory’s.  Both of us trace our great and/or great-great grandmothers to County Wicklow, Ireland.  Casey’s great grandmother, Lily (Kempson) McAlerney was born January 17, 1897.  “When she died in Seattle four days after her 99th birthday, she was the last survivor of the 1916 Easter Rising, the week-long armed insurrection in Dublin that fought for the independent Ireland.”  Here’s Lily’s website.
  • Janet Fisher. Janet wrote the biography of her great grandmother, a book entitled A Place of Her Own: The Legacy of Oregon Pioneer Martha Poindexter Maupin.  Janet has recently published another book, The Shifting Winds.  The Shifting Winds “portrays the dilemma of reluctant pioneer Jennie Haviland, a young American torn from study at her female academy in New York when her father takes the family west over the Oregon Trail to a wilderness on the far side of the continent.”
  • David G. Stroebel.  David is the author of The Cannon King’s Daughter: Banished from a Dynasty, the True, Untold Story of Engelbertha Krupp. “The Ocean Township, New Jersey, man discloses a banishment from within Germany’s Krupp steel dynasty through startling revelations, photographs and documents passed down through five generations of his family that his great-grandmother was banished and disinherited from the Krupp 400-year-old steel and munitions dynasty of Essen, Germany.”  Visit David Stroebel’s website here.DSCN4071[4]

Image: Casey McNerthney and Kim Burkhardt at an Irish luncheon in Seattle on March 11, 2016.

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