On Women and Being Heard

Women too often experience the challenge of not being heard and recognized.  At work, in the community.  

Here are a few tips on speaking tips women can make to be heard and recognized more often:

  • Speak often, speak first. Those who speak often and speak first are recognized for having ideas.
  • Speak in the first person.  Own what you say, get acknowledged that an idea is yours rather than just some vague suggestion that arose from some general location.
  • Speak in an active rather than passive voice.  An active voice is taken seriously.
  • Make declarative statements.  This generates the perception that you are a person with ideas that should be acted upon.
  • Make recommendations.  This sets you up as a person who creates a plan of action.
  • Offer steps to take when hearing about something that requires action.  You are a person who creates a plan of action (an active rather than passive participant).
  • Acknowledge others.  They’ll remember you.

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