Advancing One’s Career: “It’s All in the Packaging”

One of the truisms of marketing is that “It’s all in the packaging.”

People buy what they see.  No matter how much someone might be looking for a particular product or service, no one’s going to buy a bland-looking box with no labeling or imaging to reveal its’ contents.

Likewise, no one’s going to hire you or contract your services if they don’t see what you have to offer.

While you may work hard to have something to offer clients, employers, etc., no one is going to know this unless you demonstrate your worth.

What have you any of the following this month so that clients, employers, etc. SEE the value that you offer?

  • Have you articulated your value?
  • Have you polished the visual of your resume, presentations, reports, etc.?
  • Do you look like someone worth promoting?
  • Do you sound like someone that is worth promoting (confidence, etc)?

Self-promotion is an ever-present need in career promotion.  Self-promotion isn’t about ego-feeding project – it’s about demonstrating your worth.  Keep at it.  If you’d like to read more on this,  I have an article available on this topic.  The article, entitled “Agents of Success: Moving Forward Professionally,” is available here.

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