Finding One’s Voice

Do you get heard in the workplace?

I came upon a quote that speaks volumes (and yes, the pun fits): “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult” (Melinda Gates).

“Finding one’s voice” is a leadership trait that applies to everyone (i.e., our “personal differentiator”). Upon reflection, I am more likely to listen to someone who has “found their voice” than someone who hasn’t found their voice.  Someone who hasn’t “found their voice” ends up coming across as blandly generic in any context, while someone who speaks “with their voice” is a compelling speaker.

Articles that can assist in exploring “finding your voice”:

The first of the two articles above clear articulates the pathway for finding one’s voice: “We must actively search for our voice, and clear a path for it to emerge. It is uncovered, not manufactured.” (Todd Henry).

If you are looking to be heard more effectively, this topic of “finding your voice” might be worth exploring.  People do listen to people who have found their voice.

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