Common themes among my writing and professional activities

When I look for common threads among the topics I’ve written about and activities I’ve participated in professionally, a common topic emerges: promotions and marketing.

How so?

A few examples:

  • In writing a book about my great-great grandmother (a current activity), I am helping to bring to life the narrative of people living in her place and time.
  • I am currently expanding upon a previous publication I wrote about how to use the principles of business marketing to personally promote one’s own career advancement.
  • I am active with a national network that works to get people involved in prison volunteerism – a manner of “promoting” civic engagement in a particular social/civic topic.
  • By working for a presidential candidate in 2008, I worked to help “get out the vote (GOTV)” for the candidate I was supporting – Mr. Barack Obama – which means “promoting” a particular candidate.
  • I spent ten years as a market research consultant.  Market research supports….you guessed it…marketing.

I look forward with engaging further with my readers here.

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